Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today I am thankful

Today I am thankful for family and friends.
This week is one of the toughest and craziest weeks I have ever had.
This past Friday afternoon, we were notified that my uncle (mom's side) had passed away. He had been battling some health issues and was doing well but recovery was going to be a long road. He died peacefully and is no longer suffering.

Saturday morning around 1:30 am, I was notified that my father was on the way to the hospital with my grandmother (his mother) who was having a heart attack. She passed away shortly after that message. This was very unexpected. She was doing well recovering from a knee replacement and was her usual happy loving self when we gathered on New Year's Day to celebrate the holidays and her birthday.

Early Monday morning (around 2:30 am) I took my boyfriend into the emergency room for a pancreatitis attack. This is something we have been dealing with for about 6 months. He was scheduled for a cholecystectomy on February 1, but they are keeping him in the hospital and working him on for surgery now. I am thankful that they are not waiting so he does not need to suffer through any more painful attacks.

I struggled yesterday to get my protein in. I woke up late, spent the day at the hospital working on homework and forgot to eat as often as I should have. I was so exhausted when I got home that I ate a little bit and then went to bed.

Today I am eating while in the hospital and have a couple of snacks with me. I will be meeting my sister at the airport and then having dinner with family. My nephew was born in September and this will be the first time I get to see him in person. I don't like the unfortunate circumstances but I am so thankful to be able to spend time with her and my nephew. She's coming home thanks to my brother's in-laws. They are wonderful people and paid for her flight.

I will struggle this week for protein but I will do my best.

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