Saturday, November 7, 2015

First full day away from home since surgery

I got up, drank a glass of water, and packed my food for the day. I took way more than I knew I could eat, but I wanted to be sure I had enough. I always end up staying later than I think while with my mom or Maggie. 

I went to my mom’s store (she owns her own consignment shop for larger size women's clothing) to visit for a couple of hours. She had a woman from a local bakery that brought in baked goods. I wasn’t even tempted. They smelled great, but I really had no desire to eat them. That was an odd experience. Mom is having a Pampered Chef party so I gave her a few ideas for kitchen gadgets that my boyfriend might like for Christmas. It is getting harder and harder to shop for adults for Christmas. None of us really need anything. It’s more fun to buy for the kids anyways. I chatted with a lady who had the bypass surgery this past summer. She was pretty chatty but was very encouraging. My mom kept saying over and over that she could see the weight loss in my face. I can’t see it yet, but a lot of people say they still think of themselves as the larger person they were. She took a close up picture of my face. I posted it on Facebook and I have had a ton of comments that people see it. I must be doing something right.
Here's the picture:

I left there and headed to Maggie’s house for more crafting. It had been a while since we were able to get together so two times in one week was amazing. I set my alarm for every couple of hours and just got up to get my food and eat. This was helpful as I can get crafting and forget to eat and drink. I had my water bottle with me. Unfortunately, I only drank one bottle full (24 ounces). I drank more when I got home and I was able to have a shake when I got home which added to my liquids for the day. I had some tuna puree with saltine crackers, and some cottage cheese. I had brought yogurt, pudding, and leftover soup, but I didn’t eat those. I made some pinwheels (enough to make 12 cards) with Christmas patterned paper. I worked on stamping and coloring with my Spectrum Noir markers. I don’t use them often enough at home and really wanted to work on technique. I was able to get about a dozen stamped images colored. I will use some of them on cards. Some were just to work on coloring.

I headed home from there. My boyfriend was up north with his mom and step-dad at a cookout and bonfire. He met me a few minutes after I got home and we went to the movie store to drop off the one movie that was due back today.

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