Monday, November 9, 2015

Hormones and Baking

Today I will be baking. I will be attempting a couple of recipes that were given to me at my 2-week follow up appointment. One is for a no-noodle lasagna (cottage cheese, marinara/spaghetti sauce, seasonings, egg whites – blend and bake). The other is for a Chocolate Treat (cottage cheese, chocolate pudding mix, egg whites, Splenda (I’ll be using Truvia) – blend and bake). We’ll see how they turn out.

**Update: The no-noodle lasagna smelled fantastic as it was baking. I ate a few of them over the course of a week and ended up throwing the others away. It just wasn't my thing. I have since found this recipe for Ricotta bake that I would have liked better (this woman's blog is amazing and I keep returning to it to try out new recipes and get tips on bariatric eating).
The chocolate treat was delicious. I used high protein pudding mix from my surgeon's office that was Chocolate Mint flavor. Yum! I made this recipe three times while on the pureed consistency foods part of my journey.

Last night I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Very low energy. Lots of intestinal gurgling. No pain, just discomfort. Well, just before bed, I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding (female bleeding, not from incisions), yet again. This hormonal thing is no joke. I bleed way more and randomly than I ever did before. I’m just assuming this is my body trying to figure out what to do with itself. If it gets too bad, I’ll call the surgeon’s office first and my OB to see what’s up.

Okay, so I never called the surgeon nor did I call my OB. I did a lot of reading online and decided it was just hormones and this was something I would need to deal with as my body adjusts.

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