Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Shopping: Water but no food

My friend Maggie came over today to hang out and do some crafting. We went to a place called The Outlet. Apparently this store has been around for 10 years but I just discovered it. It is an outlet store for crafting supplies (lots of different types of crafts). I brought my water bottle with me but no food. I had no idea we would be in there for 2 hours. I drank almost all of my water. I think this was because I was walking around a lot while looking at things and partly because it was warm in the store. It was a blast. I felt great. I was able to walk around for those two hours (it wasn’t a huge store so it wasn’t very vigorous walking). We came home and I went about my merry way making my drinks. Toward the end of her visit, we ended up just chatting (we do that sometimes). My boyfriend came down and chatted for a while too. We left when she did and headed to the movie store.

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