Friday, November 6, 2015

2 week follow up appointment

I had my 2-week follow up appointment today. I was weighed. I’m down just under 25 pounds in a month. Not bad. I need to get the exercise portion in this week. They gave the okay to start on pureed consistency foods. We had a group session. I wish they would have told me that. I brought my boyfriend with me so that he could learn what I could have since he does the majority (okay, all) of the cooking. The poor guy sat in the waiting room for an hour and dozed off because he got up early to go with me. Then he didn’t come back with me to see the surgeon since he’s usually pretty quick. Surgeon came in, checked my incisions, made sure my 6 week appointment was set, and then was gone. I like that he keeps things short and to the point. The nurse came in and we talked about a return to work date and why I was requesting the full 6 weeks off instead of just 2. Return to work date: December 7.

Today is my brother’s birthday. He’s 26 today! It is crazy how time flies. We went to the Winter Inn for dinner with Nicole’s family also. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone and chatting with Bentley (my oldest nephew). I will be heading to their house this coming week to play and plan on going over there quite a bit while I’m off work. The restaurant had a chicken Florentine soup. I asked for it to be pureed. I explained to the waitress that I had the bariatric surgery and had to have everything pureed at this point. Her comment was, “Good for you! I’ll write it down and see what the chefs can do.” That was an awesome response. When she brought it out, it was literally pureed to complete liquid. The only thing I had to chew a little were a few of the onion pieces. It was actually pretty tasty too. The hard part about ordering from a restaurant like that is that there were no nutrition facts for me to calculate. I only ate about 2 ounces of the soup and it was my first day being able to eat those foods, so I didn’t bother looking up a comparable recipe. We were invited back to my brother’s house for cake and ice cream. We planned on going. My belly was really gurgling but I figured it was just because it wasn’t used to the food being in there. We stopped at Meijer to get some Gas-X strips to help with the gurgling. I pooped. I was drained after that. I sent a message to my brother that I was just going to go home to be safe. It is no fun having to poop somewhere else when I usually end up going a couple of times in a short time frame before I’m done. It was no big deal and he even mentioned that I was looking great!

When I got home, I was feeling a little better. I made tuna puree with plain greek yogurt, pudding, and put cottage cheese in a container. This was all food I plan to take with me tomorrow.

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