Thursday, December 10, 2015

NSV: Old Jeans

As I gained weight, I did not keep many of my smaller clothes.
I did keep one pair of jeans that I wore about four years ago. I knew they were very tight, but I kept them because they were brand new when I bought them.

I wore those jeans today. They are petite. Most of my weight has come off from my thighs and butt area so these tend to slide under my belly (creating a muffin top). This I do not like. I am constantly hiking them up. Next time I will wear a belt with them.

Side note: I have now tried on all of my work pants and they are all too big. I am hoping to get some time with my seamstress aunt who can alter them to look amazing until am down enough to really need to buy new clothes.
Confession: When I say new clothes I mean new to me. They may be from a consignment shop or off a clearance rack.

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