Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Temptation: Lemon Bars, Also: Dumping?

I gave in to a small temptation today.
My supervisor brought in homemade lemon bars today for a coworker's birthday.
They looked and smelled delicious. I did not crave them like I thought I would.
She asked if I could have one. I just stated I would try a bite to see how my stomach handled it and then take the rest home to my boyfriend. She understood.
I did have a tiny little corner of the bar. It was darn yummy.
It sat on my desk for the rest of my shift. It was untouched. I had no desire to eat more of it. I had thoughts of how yummy it was, but I just had no desire to eat it.
Prior to surgery I would have at least eaten the whole thing. I may have even gone back for a second bar.
I love to bake and this seems strange to me.
I know it is good. I know it is better for me. It still seems strange.

Also: I may have experienced dumping today. There definitely was dumping going on and I think it was a result of drinking too quickly.
I had my chocolate milk for breakfast and drank it on my way to work. It is about a 20 minute drive to work. I drank all of the milk within that time. After about 20 minutes of being at work, I had to use the restroom for about 15 minutes. It was literally a blow out. I was not fatigued afterward like an IBS attack (I had those prior to surgery but haven't had any since - my triggers were dehydration and stress). It was strange. I felt amazing afterward. I went about my day and drank lots of fluids.

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