Sunday, December 27, 2015

After Christmas update

Whew! This has been a busy month!
I still have one family Christmas celebration coming up, but the rest are behind us.

We had a food day at work on Wednesday. Everyone made delicious food. I was good. I ate meatballs (I actually ate a few too many and had to walk around for about 20 minutes after lunch to alleviate the discomfort), an onion wrap, and a caprese skewer. One of my teammates made mini cheesecakes. I took one back to my desk, but forgot about it. I was a little sad to be throwing it away, but I was only sad because I felt like I wasted her time and food; I did not feel sad for not eating it though.

Thursday was Christmas Eve. I spent the majority of my day playing my boyfriend's new video game (Lego Jurassic World). He spent the day playing a different game and watching me play his game. It was definitely a much-needed lazy day.
I made some Wonton Pizza Bites. They were delicious. I mixed pasta sauce with a little grated Parmesan cheese to dip them in. My boyfriend loved them. I will definitely be making these again.

Friday - Christmas Day!
I do love Christmas, but I found myself not being in the Christmas spirit this year. Family gatherings were scheduled at the same times so we had to split times with each of them. My family is not good at all about scheduling things ahead of time. This year I will be bringing up the idea of picking a day every year that we can all agree on and just leave it at that. Sometimes not everyone can be at every gathering. Our family is expanding and we all have other family gatherings as well.
*End rant*

We went to my boyfriend's aunt and uncle's house for lunch. I did good there. I had a couple ounces of ham with gravy on it, some ham and cheese out of a breakfast casserole, a small piece of sweet potato, and a couple ounces of barbecue chicken. No sweets.
We all brought a $25 gift card and then passed around a container with them in it and picked one. This was simple and fun.

We left from there and headed to his mom's house for dinner and fun. I was getting hungry so I munched on some pieces of cheese in order to get my protein in. All of the sweets were on the table and the non-sweets foods were in the corner (I didn't realize this until we were leaving and his mom was packing up some of it for us). We sat around the table chatting for a bit and I found myself munching on some chocolate bark and a half of a piece of fudge. Although I know I didn't need it, I feel I did pretty good for not diving into more than that.
We opened gifts and had a blast chatting with the family.
I may have come home that evening and played more of the Lego Jurassic World game.

Saturday we had a mostly lazy day. We visited with my brother, sister-in-law, and nephews for a bit and then they had more people come over for a little gathering. It was fun to see my little brother's friends. I've watched them grow up and have families. After that, more Lego Jurassic World was played. Yes, I beat the game. No, I have not completed the game. There is so much to explore and I love to bash things and collect studs (like coins).

Today we were a little more productive. We cleaned the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom. I had a friend come over for a little bit to try on some of my clothes. She went away with a full garbage bag of clothes she could wear! I would much rather they go to someone who can use them. I still have yet to go shopping for groceries.

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