Friday, December 4, 2015

Out with a food?

I am going to see Michatucky tonight with a good friend whom I haven't seen in over a year. This band will be performing at a bar. I know I'm going to need to eat while there.

I have only been on solid foods for about a week now. I took a look at their menu. There are a few things that would not be terrible choices: whitefish entree (lots of leftovers), bean dip (without the chips), a chicken quesadilla (I haven't tried tortillas yet). My first thought, though, was mozzarella sticks and to just peel the breading off. I loved mozzarella sticks before surgery. I knew they weren't the best choice for food, but they were yummy. I posted a question about how people handled ordering at bars and how they handled fried foods on one of the bariatric forums I like to check out periodically. I also posted this same question to my online support group.

Most came back with the answer of avoiding fried foods as they generally don't settle well. Some stated they could handle them just fine. Some stated they have eaten fried foods but just peeled off any breading.
This is typical of any question asked of various people who have had the surgery. The responses are different. This is because everyone's body is different therefore everyone's journey is different.

I ended up bringing my own meat and cheese rolls (literally deli meat and cheese slices rolled together). I left them in the car (it was cold enough outside that I didn't worry about them spoiling). I ate two of them on the way to the bar. I ate two more of them during one of the band's breaks. I ate one on the way home.
I only had water to drink. I realized about half way through my drink that I had been drinking out of a straw. This was a first since surgery. I didn't even notice. No issues with it. I think it actually helped me to drink more.
This allowed me to really focus on enjoying the music and the company.

Do I plan to do this every time I go out? No.
Do I plan to eventually attempt to eat fried foods? Yes.

For now, this was the best option for me.

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